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Terry Grove, District Executive

As District Executive, Terry is constitutionally the pastor and chief executive officer of the ASE and its mission. Terry works in areas of leadership development, strategic planning, conflict resolution, administration and strategy, overseeing district staff. Along with leading the district, he is also the pastor of New Covenant Church of the Brethren.

Marcus Harden, Director of Youth Ministries

Marcus has been serving as our Director of Youth Ministries since 2013 . He plans and coordinates events for youth within the district, bringing youth together from various Church of the Brethren churches. Marcus is also responsible for managing the ASE website.


Vicki serves at the Director of Ministry for the ASE. She oversees ordinations, commissions, licensing in our district. Vicki served as the pastor of First Church of the Brethren, St. Petersburg prior to retiring.


Justin Raymer, Board Chair

Eva Shoemaker, Treasurer

Michael Heavner, Moderator

Jim Link, Moderator-Elect

Nancy Knepper, Clerk

Nate Mattox, Church Growth Director

Gasen Pierre, Stewardship Director

Wesley Altidore, Witness Director

Lymaris Aida, Nurture Director

Ray Hileman, Ministry Director

Michaela Camps-Alphonse, Standing Committee