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2017 Fall Youth Advance

Location: Camp Ithiel

When: December 1 - December 3

Cost: $50.00 per person

Begins: 9:00 PM Friday    Ends: 1:00 PM Sunday

Who: Students in 6 grade through 19 years of age

What to bring: Bible, clothes, bedding, appropriate swim suit, toiletries, snacks to share (optional), a friend!

*Must have one adult chaperone per five students    

*Admission fee applies to students & advisors

We see outcasts everyday—people who fit under a different stereotype, don’t look like us, like what we like, or believe the same things. It’s easy to walk away from the outcast, leaving them forever in that category, but Jesus never did. Instead, he walked into the difficulty of their lives to bring them the ultimate insider experience—belonging in his family.

At a quick stop at a well on a hot day, Jesus shows us how it’s done. And now we are called to go to the outcasts and bring them in. After all, we’ve all been outcasts at some point.

From the time we are little kids, we learn how to put things in boxes. From toys that separate shapes and colors, to finding people to hang out with that share the same likes and dislikes. We label the world around us (Star Wars fans, soccer players, musicians, etc.) and choose to spend time with people who fit into the same boxes we do. We gravitate toward the boxes that we’re comfortable with.

But what about the people who don’t fit into our boxes? We don’t share a lot in common with them, we don’t run into them at the same places, and it doesn’t always feel comfortable to talk with them. Its easiest to avoid interacting with these people—making them feel like an outsider. The only problem is that God’s family isn’t just for people who fit into our boxes, it’s for everyone. Outsiders Welcome. 


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