2017 Spring Youth Advance

  • Sebring Church of the Brethren 700 S Pine St Sebring, FL 33870 United States

Location: Sebring Church of the Brethren

When: March 31st - April 1st

Cost: $47.00 per person

Begins: 9:00 PM Friday    Ends: 1:00 PM Sunday

Who: Students in 6 grade through 19 years of age

What to bring: Bible, clothes, bedding, appropriate swim suit, toiletries, snacks to share (optional), a friend!

*Must have one adult chaperone per five students    

*Admission fee applies to students & advisors

Everlasting. When we start following Christ, we start the beginning of forever. Not forever like a bus ride that won’t end. But forever like how you felt on the very best day of your life, over and over again. Everlasting means that we know how the story ends . It means that everything that’s wrong in our life doesn’t have the final say. Everlasting means that we get to be friends with the God of the universe who knows our future and is crazy about us. Everlasting also means that we live forever, but the first little bit is here on earth. 66 Books of the Bible tell one giant rescue store—this study is design to give your students sneak peaks into how that story fits together and works its way into your life.