Every church was at some point a church plant... including your own.

Every church shares one thing in common … a beginning. Church Planting is a Biblical pattern for mission. Your church is part of a rich history. It was started at one point in time. And because it was, each of you has been touched. So have untold others through the years. Now we have the opportunity to do for others what others first did for us. We can take the same spirit that founded our existing congregations and establish other congregations committed to living out the hope of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Church plants within the ASE can receive great help. Here are some ways we help Church of the Brethren plants in the district:

  • Financial help in grants and loans.
  • Counsel as to the steps needed to go from project to fellowship to church.
  • Ongoing support in prayer and information.
  • Connections to training on a larger church level.

Essentially, Church Planting is a nearby mission project

In Acts 1:8, Jesus gives the map of mission when He says, “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”Church Planting helps us fill in the map of mission by reaching into neighboring communities (our Judea) and cross-cultural contexts (our Samaria).


To learn more about church planting within the Atlantic Southeast District, please connect with Ray Hileman (rhileman@gmail.com).